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Real workout, real results !

R-Gym is Montreal’s newest state of the art training facility.

Classes are a mix of boxing, strength training and movement based skills.

We offer a wide varierty of functional equipment such as Power Plate Pro 6, Jacobs Ladder, Wheel Faro, Prowler, Climbing Wall, Tire, Zebra Cage, Dumbbells 5-120lbs and much more.

With strength conditioning, group and personal training, circuit training, joint mobility training, flexibility, posture realignment, boxing, kick boxing, MMA, evaluation, nutritional guidance and more, we do it all. Whether you are an athlete looking to increase your performance or you are simply looking to get in shape, our effective strategy is the same: own your body.

At Rgym Montreal we fuel ourselves with passion, determination and dedication to help people change their lives. ​

Come in live the experience and see why R-Gym is setting a new standard in the fitness industry.

Contact us now ! or (514) 690-3939

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