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Academy Glaces de l'Est


Directed by : Nick Bilotto, Nick Romano et Roberto Riccardi

A specialized program for defenders only (from Novice to Pewee)

This innovative program is for defenders and will allow you to become a well-rounded defensive player.


Some key skills we focus on are skating backwards, developing good defensive and offensive techniques, and more.

  • 1 against 1

  • Footwork

  • Bearer approach

  • Transitional pivots

  • Zone outputs

  • And much more...

For more information or to register contact us

Nick Bilotto : 438-404-8369

Roberto Riccardi : 514-266-5557



1 - Novice / Atome

Monday September 28 to Monday November 2 05:00pm to 06:00pm

2 - Atom / Peewee

Monday September 28 to Monday November 2 06:00pm to 07:00pm


6 sessions

1 hour

$250.00 tax. included

$45.00$ tax. included

1 hour

1 session

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