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Academy Glaces de l'Est


Directed by : Nick Bilotto

The clinic Skills, Passing & Shooting is appropriately named as it works to optimize the offensive skills of players. 


This program is perfect for those looking to improve their current offensive hockey abilities and for players looking for more confidence in front of the net. We focus on wrist shots, slap shots, backhands, and rebounds, all while improving on the skating technique of our players.

  • Passing

  • Shooting

  • Stick Handling

  • Speed and execution of movements

  • And more!

For more information or to register contact us

Nick Bilotto : 438-404-8369




Novice / Atom / Peewee

Starting the week of September 7


6 sessions

1 hour

$250.00 tax. included

$45.00 tax. included

1 hour

1 session

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